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  • Aduro Sport Pro Bicycle LED Tail Light
  • Aduro Sport Pro Bicycle LED Tail Light
  • Aduro Sport Pro Bicycle LED Tail Light
  • Aduro Sport Pro Bicycle LED Tail Light
  • Aduro Sport Pro Bicycle LED Tail Light
  • Aduro Sport Pro Bicycle LED Tail Light

Aduro Sport Pro Bicycle LED Tail Light

$17.99   $29.99


  • Extremely Bright with 6 Different Mode Low, Mid, High, Flashing, 50% Flashing, Strobe
  • Wide Beam LED Tech Keeps You Safe with 180 Visibility and 168 Lumen Output
  • Lightweight and Attaches To All Bikes Mountain, Road, Kids. Can Be Mounted Vertically And Horizontally Anywhere, Rear Taillight, Front Light, Helmet Light, and More
  • Smart Charge Tech - No Batteries Required, No Installation Required, Water Resistant IPX4 Certified
  • Included In Box - Aduro Sport LED Rechargeable Tail Light, Silicone Band Attachment, Micro USB Charging Cable, User Manual, Warranty Card

Aduro Sport brings the best accessories to motivate people to pursue a truly active lifestyle. Whether it’s running, climbing, hiking, biking, skiing, swimming, or ripping around the country-side on a motorcycle, we have you covered. We want you to exercise that wanderlust, to go out and explore, knowing that you will have reliable merchandise, with a brand you can trust, to fall back on. We’ve produced a great line-up to aide amateurs and professionals alike in their favorite activities

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Easy to install and to charge

Easy to install and to charge. My advice is just use the lowest setting -- the brightest setting drastically shortens the battery life and the lowest setting is bright enough to make your bike visible at night.

Good Light

I haven't used it much yet, but it's light weight and bright, and that's exactly what I wanted. As long as the strap doesn't wear out soon, I think it will be a great investment. I've only ridden twice since owning the light and I haven't had to recharge the battery; I'm interested to see how the battery life holds up over time. Entronik sent me three emails asking for a review in the first two weeks of owning the light, which was annoying and led to this premature review. I'll have a better quality review for this light in about six months.

Sleek design, high quality, long durability

Happy with the product after two months use. Battery last long enough. I need to turn on the light around 15min per day and it roughly took me more than 1 month to charge the battery.

Different flash mode is also a pro.

Would be nice if it has an indicator of low battery so I can re-charge it on time.

Light is bright and keeps you visible.

Its really bright. The light when attached to the bike is able to adjust side to side or up down (depending on how you place it on the bike). I find that it usually change position during my rides because the mechanism for adjusting it is not very stiff. This is the reason I did not give 5 stars. But the 4 stars was given because its bright and when charged the charge last really long.

waste of money

highly visable but after two weeks light kept flashing and did not turn off no matter what i did

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Let customers speak for us

243 reviews
Great product

Sturdy and easy to use. Got on it as soon as it arrived. Great addition to my home gym. Love it!

I can feel the burn

I needed an inner thigh workout that could allow me to still be lazy. ;) It works really well on the arms and chest also. I can feel this working. I know if used regularly with diet and other exercise I will see results. Even without those things I believe I will see some toning at the least. I’m 5’3 160 lbs. I do 3 sets of 60 reps. I saw someone else mention these numbers and agreed these would be the numbers that would create results. I literally lay there and watch Netflix or do homework while doing this. I have had no issues with what has been mentioned in the comments. This is other than the squeaky sound it makes. I recommend using in private lol it’s a little awkward, but what workout isn’t?

Good for the price

Good for the price. But doesn’t hold the air for as long as thought it would..need to refill about weekly. And the plug remover was not included.

Worth the purchase

So far, so good. Sturdy. Just the right size. Cheaper than similar products. Only draw back is that it slips on my hardwood floors. I just put a yoga mat underneath it and that keeps it in place.