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Perfect for the social media guru!!!

Love this soooo much! Just buy it! Great light and quality for the price!

Works really well!

The product is built well and is sturdy. The adjustable height is very convenient and the ability to change the lighting temperature is awesome too. Shipping was fast. I would highly recommend!

Lighted ring for phone

Bought this for a cousin that is doing live videos with make up. She loves it

Perfect for recording Social media videos!

I love that the brightness can be adjusted! The phone holder definitely assist with making videos easily! I would highly recommend this u-stream ring light!

Better height adjustment

This is my second light and prefer this one because you can set the height using the knobs, similar to a microphone stand. I also prefer the bendable goose neck for the phone holder.

Excellent for calls

Perfect for conference calls, provides just the right amount of lighting.

Good Value

I really like it for the price it wasn’t a bad deal at all only thing missing is a remote to take the pics other than that using the timer on yo phone works just fine


I absolutely love this light! I had no problems with it holding my phone, with and without my case!


My light arrived today. I put it together in less than 10 minutes and I used it for a Zoom conference call. It worked great! It was bright and everyone commented on how good I looked! (I could never get the lighting right before.). A great find! I truly do not understand all the negative reviews!!!

Convenient but too slippery

This product is a great idea: A backup battery that charges wirelessly. And it works as advertised. My main issue is that it’s encased in slippery plastic. It would be a much better design to have a more grippy material so that the battery itself doesn’t slide if using in a car or not on very level surface and also so your phone doesn’t slide off the charger. It also seems to charge slower than by plug in wireless charger.

Great little gadget!

Ordered a U-Stream as a kindness to people who see me on FaceTime and Zoom. I’ use iiPhone on both platforms but I just can’t sit still enough. People feel seasick watching me. And without lights, my over-40 face can look stark and weary,

.Tried out the U-Stream on FaceTime for the first time tonight.. it was the most relaxing FT call ever because the device was held the phone perfectly, leaving my hands free,. Boyfriend said it was wonderful to see my image steady on his screen. And I felt prettier because the light eliminated shadows and seemed to fill in my wrinkles... Yay! 😊.

The frame is lightweight but strong enough,. It’s easy to assemble, It holds the phone securely in whatever position you want.

Any complaints? Well it’s easy to swirch
“mode” from bright-white to warm to bluish-white light — but it didn’t make much difference in my appearance. Or the difference was quantitative more than qualitative. I had sorta hoped to look •extra• lovely with the U-Steam 😉. as a I do
in the intense full-spectrum light of my bathroom, Instead I look a touch sallow , as I do under the fluorescent lights at my office

Maybe you have to spend a lot more to get glamorous lighting 🤷‍♀️ Well, the U-Stream is well made and it gets the job done, No complaints

More muscle gain for less

I like that I strengthen my wrist and forearms in addition to triceps and chest while doing push-ups. Also, this product is light in weight, yet sturdy.

Good thing

Little Navajo

Great product

Sturdy and easy to use. Got on it as soon as it arrived. Great addition to my home gym. Love it!

I can feel the burn

I needed an inner thigh workout that could allow me to still be lazy. ;) It works really well on the arms and chest also. I can feel this working. I know if used regularly with diet and other exercise I will see results. Even without those things I believe I will see some toning at the least. I’m 5’3 160 lbs. I do 3 sets of 60 reps. I saw someone else mention these numbers and agreed these would be the numbers that would create results. I literally lay there and watch Netflix or do homework while doing this. I have had no issues with what has been mentioned in the comments. This is other than the squeaky sound it makes. I recommend using in private lol it’s a little awkward, but what workout isn’t?

Good for the price

Good for the price. But doesn’t hold the air for as long as thought it would..need to refill about weekly. And the plug remover was not included.

Worth the purchase

So far, so good. Sturdy. Just the right size. Cheaper than similar products. Only draw back is that it slips on my hardwood floors. I just put a yoga mat underneath it and that keeps it in place.

It's okay as a bottle cage but the color is way off

I bought the blue ones.

Problem is they are only blue in certain lighting, and then it's not the same blue as in the photos on the listing. It's a much darker blue. In some lighting they look vivid purple.

As a bottle cage it's a fine lightweight aluminium cage. Nothing wrong with it. They even come with cage bolts. But the color does not match the photo above.

Upon closer inspection the photos on the listing do not show a photograph of the blue cages. They show a photograph of the silver cages twice and photoshop 1 of them blue. Switch quickly between the blue and silver on the listing and you'll see they are the same photograph where the blue one has color added. Problem is the photoshopped color doesn't match the actual paint color.


I put it in the freezer as soon as I opened it.... And used it later that day. I used it again the following morning before work (where I'm on my feet all day).

It was AMAZING how much better my foot felt!!

Now.... Don't get me wrong.... It's NOT a miracle cure.... The pain came back in the afternoon. So I used it again aftet work, and got relief.

I am sure with continued use, and some stretching, I will get some improvement

As far as I'm concerned, this is a MUST HAVE for plantar fasciitis sufferers.

Not for large hands

My hands hit/rub on the bottom portion of the stands. Can be uncomfortable at times when doing hundreds of push-ups. I'm just over 200 and I can feel the handles give some during each set. I do push-ups slow and steady to keep quality level high.

Works great.

Awesome, finally I have ordered an item that looks and performs as described. Works very well and easy, very easy to set combination.


so many accessories for a small price. I'm pleasantly surprised by how useful they are --
+ I didn't know I NEEDED that runner ear piece cover until I tried this. I jumped and ran and rubbed my ears and my AirPods stayed in place. Nice color(s), durable, and I feel like my airpods are protected.

Pretty good

Cool ring light. Am loving how it helps my videos I record for my youtube channel. Every part of it feels very well made. The best Part is that I can power it through a power bank so it becomes transportable as I film while traveling

5.0 out of 5 stars Improved my night time reading experience greatly!

Feels sturdy, with an exceptionally flexible neck piece. I bought this for use during my online classes. It lights up my background perfectly and clips onto my laptop and desk. The clip is big and sturdy with plenty of stretch for thicker surfaces. It offers three touch sensitive brightness levels. Just what I needed! Glad I made this purchase!

So happy with it😁

I bought this product as a gift for my daughter. I ordered it on Monday and it was delivered on Friday... great service.

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