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  • Aduro Sport Ergonomic Design Foot Massage Roller
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Aduro Sport Ergonomic Design Foot Massage Roller

$19.99   $39.99


  • Use it as a reflexology or acupressure tool for your feet, reduce muscle aches, soreness and tightness
  • Place in warm water or in freezer. Dual Hot & Cold Technology will support up to 176 degrees to increase circulation and down to -4 degrees to reduce swelling and inflammation
  • Produced with the highest quality available PVC material
  • The portable and easy to use design allows you to use it anywhere you want to be comfortable, whether its at home, in the office, or even on the go 

The Aduro Ergonomic Foot Massager stimulates the soft tissues and acu-points in your feet. With an elevated arc design, it can reach the difficult to reach spots on your feet even if you have high foot arches. Perfect for myofascial pain syndrome (MPS), plantar fasciitis, foot arch pain, muscle knots, and cramping.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

I put it in the freezer as soon as I opened it.... And used it later that day. I used it again the following morning before work (where I'm on my feet all day).

It was AMAZING how much better my foot felt!!

Now.... Don't get me wrong.... It's NOT a miracle cure.... The pain came back in the afternoon. So I used it again aftet work, and got relief.

I am sure with continued use, and some stretching, I will get some improvement

As far as I'm concerned, this is a MUST HAVE for plantar fasciitis sufferers.


I'm on my feet all day where I work, so this has been a life saver. I've been dealing with some very tense muscles in my left foot for a while, and this finally got things loosened up in the bottom of my foot to the point where it doesn't hurt to put weight on. What a relief!

It has a good heft and is very solidly built. Easy to clean (just run under the tap and let dry) and doesn't take up much room in the fridge/freezer.


Great for massaging rolling under your foot and plantar fascitis. Even better you can use it hot or cold. I don't have a plantar fascitis now but it is better to use these before it comes back and hurts my feet again.It is great for blood circulation and massaging. Perfect contour.

Easy to use-doesn't roll away

I had been using a tennis ball to stretch and relieve pain in my feet (from plantar fasciitis), however the ball would always "run away" from me or roll under the sofa. This massage roller only goes where I want it to. It's easy to use while sitting at my desk also.

good at first

when I first got this it was very stiff (which is what is supposed to be) but after everyday use it is starting to loosen up a bit.

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Let customers speak for us

251 reviews
More muscle gain for less

I like that I strengthen my wrist and forearms in addition to triceps and chest while doing push-ups. Also, this product is light in weight, yet sturdy.

Great product

Sturdy and easy to use. Got on it as soon as it arrived. Great addition to my home gym. Love it!

I can feel the burn

I needed an inner thigh workout that could allow me to still be lazy. ;) It works really well on the arms and chest also. I can feel this working. I know if used regularly with diet and other exercise I will see results. Even without those things I believe I will see some toning at the least. I’m 5’3 160 lbs. I do 3 sets of 60 reps. I saw someone else mention these numbers and agreed these would be the numbers that would create results. I literally lay there and watch Netflix or do homework while doing this. I have had no issues with what has been mentioned in the comments. This is other than the squeaky sound it makes. I recommend using in private lol it’s a little awkward, but what workout isn’t?

Good for the price

Good for the price. But doesn’t hold the air for as long as thought it would..need to refill about weekly. And the plug remover was not included.