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Amplify Metallic Wireless Stereo Bluetooth 5.0 Foldable Headphones HeadSet

$29.99   $49.99


  • Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless headphones, Built in Mic for Hands Free calling
  • Deep, accurate bass response, Extended frequency range
  • Foldable for easier portability, Ear cups fit around ears to help isolate audio, noise canceling design
  • Constructed with media controls to play, pause, and skip tracks
  • Can be used with a wired connection
  • 2 Fashionable colors to choose from, metallic finish

The memory protein earmuffs ensure that they remain steady on your head without hurting your ears, and the adjustable headband promises that they are perfectly fitted. Additionally, the soft, snug pad on the inside of the headband provides full protection and impeccable comfort. Made of premium quality materials, our headphones are ergonomically designed and perfect for daily use. Play your favorite PC games, sit back and enjoy the music tracks you love, or watch the latest popular movies with unparalleled HQ sound quality in the comfort of your home! Extendable sides design which allows both adults and children to enjoy the exact size of the headphones they need. They are foldable as well, so together with the carrying case in the package, you have the best companion for your trips - daily and long ones!

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50 reviews

so many accessories for a small price. I'm pleasantly surprised by how useful they are --
+ I didn't know I NEEDED that runner ear piece cover until I tried this. I jumped and ran and rubbed my ears and my AirPods stayed in place. Nice color(s), durable, and I feel like my airpods are protected.

Pretty good

Cool ring light. Am loving how it helps my videos I record for my youtube channel. Every part of it feels very well made. The best Part is that I can power it through a power bank so it becomes transportable as I film while traveling

5.0 out of 5 stars Improved my night time reading experience greatly!

Feels sturdy, with an exceptionally flexible neck piece. I bought this for use during my online classes. It lights up my background perfectly and clips onto my laptop and desk. The clip is big and sturdy with plenty of stretch for thicker surfaces. It offers three touch sensitive brightness levels. Just what I needed! Glad I made this purchase!

So happy with it😁

I bought this product as a gift for my daughter. I ordered it on Monday and it was delivered on Friday... great service.

Works great!

Cute little mirror, seems good quality. Kinda had to rip the box to get it opend, but the product is good.